Courses & Teachers


There is going to be a wide variety of courses taught here.

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Divination, Binding, Cleansing, Crystal Magick, Candle Magick, Herbal Magick, Poppets, Proper Tools, Protection, Hexing, Meditation, Astrology, Moon Magick, Psychic Development, Deities, and many more.

These courses are taught by teachers who have been practices for a select number of years, and whom believe they know enough about said subjects in order to share the knowledge they’ve obtained.

Teachers will teach their craft the way they practice it. Also note that these teaching are not only for a selected age group but all wanting and willing to learn!


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Merry Meet I’m Emilie (People also call me Vanny) I am a Celtic Mage from Scotland, I have been a pagan from birth and just have always followed the path. I am a self Bard and work with hospitals and funeral homes to aid the ones leaving this earth to travel into the next no matter what religion they may follow. My practices mainly revolve around Celtic lore and tales along with song and dance. I have studied deep into the Celtic mythology and tales of magick beyond what is known in today’s world. I look forward to getting to know everyone in hope to show a bit of the old world path that is a bit overgrown and less traveled. Many Blessings! Emilie



Hello there, my name is Alana Winters. I have been practicing for a little over three years now. My areas of expertise includes Green Witchcraft, animal magic, herbal remedies, the connection of energy between all living things, and crystal healing. I worship the goddess Artemis and try my best to live freely and live one with the wilds. I hope to see you all soon in future lessons!